In my last blog I wrote about my 5 favorite kitchen tools.   Now I want to cover my 5 favorite at-home workout tools. Though I have a membership at a large gym and frequent CrossFit and a hot yoga studio, as many busy moms know, it is not always possible to get to the gym every day. The following are tools that I have at my house that makes working out accessible for times I cannot get to the gym. I also have a treadmill and rower at my house but not common for everyone so I wanted to include a few tools that are relatively inexpensive and where a lot of space is not needed.  I worked out at home during my maternity leave with Caleb (and plan to on my next maternity leave) and still workout at home when I cannot get to the gym or do not feel like going. I think many people think they need a full gym to get in a good workout. All you need is a few pieces of equipment and some space to move around!



Nothing beats good old fashioned dumbbells. They are so incredibly versatile and let you do so many workouts without any other equipment. I would recommend getting a few various sizes so you can challenge both large and small muscles. A great place to find dumbbells is used sporting goods store as they are often less than the big box stores.


Bands are inexpensive, great for travel and provide a different type of muscle burn. Every time I use bands, I think about how challenging they really are.  They do provide more versatility for upper body but can be used for lower body as well. Two different bands of varying thickness are ideal and can provide variety to your workout.


With the exception of my cardio equipment this is the most expensive piece of home equipment I have. If you are not familiar with TRX, it is used for suspension training. This allows you to use your body weight in various angles. I used the TRX A LOT when I was in the late stages of pregnancy with Caleb and did not want to lift super heavy dumbbells and balance was becoming an issue. I also used it shortly after having Caleb when I started lifting weights again.  The TRX still gives you a burn like you would not believe! I still use the TRX frequently when training myself and my clients.


Don’t underestimate the awesomeness of a staircase! You can perform deeper lunges onto the first step, you can perform step-ups if you do not have a bench and stairs are great for interval cardio! Especially if you do not have any other cardio equipment in your house and the weather is too nasty to exercise outside, the stairs can provide a great cardio addition to your workout!



Do not forget the versatility of your own bodyweight. You can get an incredible, weight bearing workout with no equipment! Lunges, squats, push-ups and dips are just a few of the numerous exercises you can perform with just your body weight. Check out the workout section on this blog for a few body weight workouts.

Though I have med balls, physio balls, jump ropes, a BOSU ball and more, I do not think you need tons of fancy equipment to get a good workout. Just as  you do not need every kitchen gadget out there, you do not need every trendy piece of exercise equipment that comes out on the market to stay healthy and fit. Find a few key pieces that you like and use them and use them often!

Would love to hear if you have any other exercise tools you use for working out at home!

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