The following are a few products that I use, love and would highly recommend.  Please email me at healthybabyfitmom@gmail.com if you have any specific questions on any of the products.

I just bought these awesome lunch boxes for my kids.  No more little containers with dips and bags and bags.



My favorite protein powder.  Organic, vegetable protein with a great ingredient list and great taste.  Both kiddos love both the chocolate and vanilla.

One of the only supplements I use and feel the difference when using is BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids).  I use it for energy prior to working out as well as mixed with greens for recovery.  Make sure you get the “Natural” one with no dyes or weird additives.

I love protein bars and there are about a million on the market.  I love Oatmega because they are high in protein, low in sugar, great ingredients, good flavor and texture and do not taste funky like a lot of bars.   The kiddos love these too for a snack.

My friends created this product and it is incredible.  I put a scoop in my smoothie or make it as a hot chocolate in the evenings.  Great for cravings!

If you do not own these, you should!  One of my favorite tools and can be taken anywhere.  Such a great way to work the legs, glutes, hips etc., especially when you do not have a lot of equipment.

I use my cast iron probably more than any other cooking tool in my kitchen.  They last forever, your food can actually absorb iron from them and they cook food so nicely.  Every home kitchen should have one.

One of my favorite tools!  Makes great zucchini noodles!


Santa just brought me this for my basement gym. Pull-ups are one of the best all body exercises you can do. They are easily modified with a resistance band or jumping pull-ups!

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