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Returning to Work

The choice to return to work after having a baby is a very personal decision. I believe every mama has to figure out what will be best for their family. Unfortunately, society seems to shame mamas if they do return to work and also if they stay home. We often cannot...

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Self-Care is Not a Luxury

Though the following blog is geared towards moms, the message is also for fathers and those without children. Take care of yourselves. You deserve it. Our entire lives change once we become moms.  Not only are we trying to navigate the new journey of motherhood, we...

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Thank you so much Sara for training me, it’s been 6 weeks and I already feel a huge difference: I am much stronger, more energetic, I wake up before my alarm goes on, and I am definitely more motivated to eat healthy. And I do like your theories: eat more to feel less hungry throughout the day and focus on smaller changes in your lifestyle to get longer term results


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