As my pregnancy is coming to an end, I started thinking about all the comments that have been made to me during the last 10 months.   I am not sure why I did not seem to notice these as much with my first pregnancy.  I am sure I received just as many comments but I honestly do not remember many.  At least this time, I did not have any strangers try to touch my belly.


I think many people are drawn to pregnant people. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe because it is a physical condition that is usually obvious and I guess for many people it is an exciting and joyous time and people want to either connect to you or share in that excitement? It seems to be one of the only times that it is socially ‘acceptable’ to comment on someone’s physical condition.

I know most people really mean no harm but I am still blown away at what people have said to me. Most of the time I just kind of laugh and blow it off.  My close friends and relatives who do not have kids are even more shocked at what people say and how often people comment.    I started making mental notes of these comments because some of them were either so rude that they were funny and some were so awkward that I did not even know what to say.

I thought it would be amusing to share these and I would love to hear any other comments you received while pregnant.  Again, I know no one is blatantly trying to be rude and probably do not consider how they come across and most of these really do make me laugh.

The Rude Comments

  • Telling someone I was pregnant: “Again? Already?” (Note to my readers: my children will be 29 months apart). I actually got this comment quite a bit.
  • “Didn’t you just get back from maternity leave” Yea, like 2 years ago.
  • A former co-worker who has a child very similar to Caleb’s age, noticing I was pregnant again: “What is wrong with you?” Indicating that I was having my children too close together.
  • Talking about if I am having a girl or boy: “Well, you really have gained weight everywhere.” Ummm, thanks.
  • Walking with Caleb and noticing I was pregnant: “You are doing it again?” Umm, looks like it lady who I don’t know.

The Awkward Comments

  • “So are you dilated?” WHAT? Are you really asking about my cervix in public or really at all?
  • An older lady after she had asked me a few questions, walked away and said, “Hope it turns out ok.” I had no response to that but thanks for those kind and reassuring words. 🙂
  • Talking to a neighbor about delivering any day now, another neighbor (a man) who was not even involved in the conversation or honestly in the proximity chimed in from 20 feet away and said, “No, you are not ready, your feet are not swollen enough.” WTF?
  • “You are still pregnant?” Well, gosh I hope so or something is seriously wrong with me and it’s not like I have been pregnant for 4 years….I am counting down the days too lady.

Hands Down the Best Comment I Ever Received

I was getting ready for a BBQ and had tried on about 5 different dresses as I was feeling big, swollen and really not all that cute. I finally decided on a dress that I thought looked halfway decent.   Caleb walks into the bathroom as I am getting ready and says, “Mommy, two babies?” I looked at him confused as we have never talked about two babies and I really did not think my tummy was THAT big. He pointed to my stomach and said, “1 baby” and then pointed to my ass and said, “2 baby.” OMG. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. My 2 year old wins for best comment during my pregnancy.


There is only 1 baby in there Caleb!

To all those beautiful pregnant mamas out there…you are amazing, beautiful and remember you are growing and nourishing another soul. Be proud of that belly no matter what someone says! XOXO