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This pregnancy has been different in so many ways, specifically I feel that I have been pregnant forever!  Everyone says it goes by so fast, which is true, if you are not the pregnant one :). But then I realize I only have 9 weeks left (well probably 10 since I think this baby will be late just like Caleb) and that seems crazy. But then late July seems so long away from now.

I posted my exercise and nutrition in my first trimester, again in my second and therefore wanted to do one more post for my third trimester.   The biggest changes that I have noticed, is though I am feeling overall pretty good, I do feel that I am slowing down a bit which is expected, but hard for me.  Working out 6 days a week and with the same intensity is getting harder. I am also having to modify more and more.

Here are the biggest changes since my last post at 23 weeks:

  • I stopped teaching cycling classes and my high intensity strength/cardio combo class at 28 weeks. Cycling was getting extremely uncomfortable, I would start to cramp a bit from being in the forward flexed position and my form on the bike was really starting to be compromised. My knees were starting to flair out to make room for my belly. I did not want instruct a class with poor form so I stopped at the end of April. In my other class, I was having a hard time demonstrating all of the moves with proper form as well as doing the plyometrics.  I think that it is important for an instructor to be able to show proper form, therefore I also stopped teaching that class. I am still teaching a quick, upper body only strength class for the next few weeks and will be done by the end of May.
  • I am modifying more and more because of my growing belly. I am modifying the majority of my CrossFit lifts and many of the exercises I have cut out completely.
  • Cardio exercise is again becoming harder. I am still walking 6-7 days a week and trying to get in at least 1 elliptical session a week.  I aim for 10,000 steps a day and some days I get 15,000 and some days as little as 6,000. I still do get some cardio exercise during my CrossFit workouts and lifting since they tend to be more metabolic in nature at a faster pace.
  • Other fun changes with the last trimester is having a really hard time sleeping since I get up on average 3-4 times a night to use the restroom. “They” say this is to prepare you to get up with a newborn, thanks, but I do not need preparation, I just want sleep! The lack of sleep is a challenge for most new moms (and personally, what I think the hardest part of having a baby is initially) as this can affect so many other areas of your life. I know I am hungrier, do not exercise nearly as well and my overall mood, patience and energy level are affected significantly when I am not sleeping well.
  • Physically, I am much more uncomfortable at night which is probably due to retaining water which makes you feel much bigger. I am also back to having some SI joint pain at night, but overall I feel blessed that I am not extremely uncomfortable yet (ask me in July when it is 98 degrees out 🙂 )

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Here is an example of my current workout schedule:

Monday: CrossFit, walk dog (usually 20-30 min during the week, longer on weekends)

Tuesday: Hot Yoga, dog walk

Wednesday: CrossFit dog walk

Thursday: Teach 45 min Upper Body Strength, dog walk

Friday: Really varies, sometimes group exercise strength class, sometimes cardio and lifting

Saturday: Elliptical and weights or rest

Sunday: Rest with the exception of a walk

Changes in my nutrition:

I have noticed, I am getting fuller faster which I remember with Caleb since I am going to start running out of room since my cabbage patch kid (my pregnancy email updates said the baby is the size of a cabbage this week) is starting to take up much more space. However, my hunger levels are fluctuating quite a bit (unlike my 2nd trimester when I was just hungry all the time). I am either hungry all day or not very hungry.  Days I notice I am hungrier, I am having to graze a lot more because small amounts fill me up but I am hungry just a few hours later. My cravings are pretty much gone and am still aiming for lots of vegetables, fruit and lean protein. I am still eating a much higher carbohydrate diet that usual.  My heartburn has intensified a bit as well as indigestion which again was similar with Caleb at this point in my pregnancy.  I have gained about 21-22lbs at this point, again very similar to where I was with Caleb which I ended at 29lbs total. I weigh myself once a week. I am not overly concerned with my weight gain but would like to stay around 30lbs.

Here is a quick sample of my nutrition, again, not much different from the other trimesters with the exception of probably the quantity.

Breakfast (one of the following) plus I always have a cup of coffee  with a generous amount of cream, first thing in the morning.

  • Protein shake and Almond Flour Muffin or ½ English muffin with cream cheese or nut butter
  • Egg, Cheese, Sausage and Spinach Sandwich and small amount of fruit
  • Yogurt with fruit and homemade granola


  • Huge salad with protein, apple with nut butter
  • Leftovers from dinner night before


  • Protein bar
  • Popcorn and handful of nuts
  • Nothing if I ate a late lunch


I am still planning 5 or 6 meals a week.

  • Protein (chicken, bison, shrimp, steak, sausage etc.), vegetable (green beans, salad, Brussel Sprouts etc.) some type of carb (sweet potatoes fries, beans, couscous etc.)

After Dinner:

  • Some type of chocolate and spoonful of peanut butter or cookie butter
  • Graham cracker with peanut butter, glass of almond milk

Again, not crazy changes to my nutrition as I am still trying to eat healthy 85% of the time but am trying to both listen to my hunger cues and stop when I know I am going to be uncomfortable.

I would love to hear from any other pregnant mamas how your routine has changed throughout pregnancy.

As always, thanks for reading and I would love to hear from you!


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