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I strive to balance motherhood, work, food and fitness.

Meal Plans and Calorie Counting Do Not Work Part 1

As a fitness professional I am often asked for nutrition and exercise advice.  I am probably most often asked for meal plans.  For many years, I did come up with meal plans for either paying clients or for friends who asked for help.   For many years I have also...

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Why I Don’t Do Detox Diets Anymore

For a number of years, every January my husband and I would do a detox diet.  Not a crazy cleanse but a simple detox diet cutting out all sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat and dairy.  We did this for the first two weeks in January as a way to ‘kick start’ the year and...

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Healthy Baby Fit Mom Gift Guide

Over the last few years, I am definitely much more into gifts that are useful or better yet 'experiences'.  My husband and I still do small gifts for each other but I have really moved away from wanting to receive more stuff to clutter my house.  We are also trying to...

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Navigating The Holiday Eating Season

Tis the season for celebrations, parties, friends, family and of course eating!  We are also often stressed, rushed and overbooked this time of the year which is often not conducive to eating well, exercising and taking overall good care of ourselves.  I asked Chef...

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